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SAVAGES!- “the mission is Zero”

This article was so hard to write. Hard because I had SO much to say to the point where I was confused. I finally got some of my thoughts together.

BIZZARE. SAVAGERY. BARBARIC. These highly negative adjectives are only a few words I would use to describe the recent murder of 14 year old Shariefa Saddler and 4-yeaar-old Rushaun Burford.
January 31 2013 was a sad day in our island! On the heels of Sharipha’s death came little Rushaun. My body was filled with goose pimples and I shivered because of the anguish emanating from Shariefa’s mom as I listened to her being interviewed on Nation Wide. I am convinced something has been unleashed on this nation; something that has destroyed the hearts of mankind.


When I was a child, I use to hear stories of blackheart man driving around in black cars and taking away children. But even with such myth circulating then, as a child I was safe. It seems the Blackheart man is back and he is REAL! This time he has no specific colour car; nor dress, nor weapon. ‘He’ has no soul; ‘He’ is a blackhole.

Why do we attack our children? There is absolutely no justification for these reprehensible acts. In a previous blog “Inform-a-Nation” I declared that silence is NOT always golden. It is sometimes destructive. The newscast reported that the teen cried for “Rape” in a busy community and no one came yet within minutes after her lifeless body was thrown from the moving vehicle, crowd gathered. Where was everyone at 6:00 a.m who were at this popular bus stop? Why are we afraid to speak? Whatever happen to the idea of being our brother’s keeper? Our children are defenseless and they look to us for protection. As a community we need to rise up against these savages. They will continue to be savage once we remain silent.


Frightening. I am yet to be a bilogical mom but I have all intentions of doing so soon. I have lots of nieces, nephews, cousins and as an educator, hundreds or even thousands have passed through my hands. These recent acts of violence on children frightens me as an aspiring parent. I cannot begin to understand how those parents are feeling.


Something is Rotten in the state of Jamaica. We need antibiotics or even amputation as one person puts it. We need to do something about this surge of violence. Legislation for capital punishment for these barbarians is needed. Vigilante justice even. Slow. Painful. Death. What could possibly possess someone to kill a child and in such brutal way at that? These are whom (or I should say what) the Prime Minister ought to call enemy of the state.


These savages find power in silence. They know people will peek through windows, talk in hushed tones, turn heads to the other side. They know their will be palpable silence! The Jamaica Gleaner published that in 2012, 41 children were killed acroSs the island; in 2011, 54 children were killed. Way too much! Let us adopt this years HIV/AIDS theme of “Mission Zero” and fight to reduce the statistics to Zero.

I am making a desperate plea, PLEASE, let us cry out! Speak out! We must be our brother’s keeper. Do not wait until this ugly monster knocks on your door! Prevent it from entering your street, community. Let us get the numbers down. Let us take back our country Jamaica.

Dor @ reins


Once upon a time.

Once upon a time….

You are bubbling with excitement. Anxiety is at its peak. Why?  Because you know your partner is coming over and you will certainly be getting your freak on but…there is a little challenge. You need get some boots-  I mean CONDOMS but….

Once upon time purchase condoms – hell no!!!!!! On entering the store you would get sweaty palms and like a detective you conduct a scan of the store and when you think no one is listening you would lean into the cashier ears like a lover and whispers “may I have a pack of condoms please”.   If you are unfortunate enough to be dealing with a certain type of store clerk then your situation just got worst as immediately following your whispered order you hear a shout: “which type you want, Durex, Trojan, Rough Rider, wha…?  Now the entire store hears your business and you want to sink into the ground- So much for being discreet (bbm rolling of eyes). This was once upon a time.

Once upon a time, there was a pervasive propensity among some individuals to freely engage in risky practices such as having unprotected sex; having more than one partners; sharing needles, and a lot more. But all of that was, Once upon a time.

Today, with HIV virus and sexual transmitted infections (STI) on the rise, we can understand why the above actions are labeled “once upon a time”.   In 2009, more than 1.8 million people died from AIDS-related causes and “more than 7000 people are newly infected with HIV everyday.”   These statistics speak for themselves.  But the Caribbean is on the right path to lessen those figures as between 2009 and 2011, it has recorded the highest decline in aids related death.

December 1, 2012 is celebrated as World Aids Day under the theme “Getting to Zero”.  The Independent Actors Movement Theatre Company has joined the global fight to Zero New HIV infections.  You too can play your part in “getting to Zero”.  Here is how you can play your part:


Dor @ the reins