The Penis- a man’s compass?


“Yuh si dat likkle piece of wrenking meat

Dat di girls ave jazzing(carrying)in their shawts,undaneat their frock and in their pants,

Me love it bad.”  Shabba Ranks


This song by Shabba Ranks kept pounding in my head as I wrote this article.

So I was having a conversation with  a few colleagues  and the conversation lead to someone making  point that men like to follow pum-pum (vagina).


* Delroy’s Tale.

It is customary for Delroy to journey from Spanish Town to visit one of his girl friends who lived in Red Hills .  He had to take a bus to Half Way Tree and then take another, which is the only bus that was going up the hill. One night around 10:30 p.m   as he  was cuddling in the bed beside his girlfriend, he was startled by the earsplitting, constant blaring of a horn from the bus signaling the urgency with it was travelling and its close proximity to his location. He jumped from the bed and quickly struggled into his pants and shirt. With shoes in hand, he dashed to the gate just in time to catch the bus.  As he hopped on the bus, several pairs of eyes watched him knowingly.   Embarrassed, he uncomfortable button his shirt and pants, and put his  socks and shoes on.  He just couldn’t afford to miss this bus as it was the only one going down the hill.  When he got to Half Way Tree, most public transportations had retired for the night.  As he stood there, he was very wary of the other people around him because no one could be trusted at that time of the night.   When I finally made it to Spanish Town safely and got out of the taxi, he regrettably watched the LONG DARK ROAD ahead of him and as he timidly took the first step, he silently prayed to God that no ill will befall him at 2:00 A.M.   He uttered several expletives and vowed for the hundredth time that he will NOT do this again. And to be sure, within three days of this promise, he was taking the familiar journey once more.  

The Penis versus the Compass

As Delroy told this story, the other males all laughed and confirmed they have been in similar situations numerous times.  My mind also went back to the late nights my brothers and cousins would come home and at day break would share their ‘ordeal’ of visiting the girl over yonder. And so as the conversation progressed, it seemed to us listening that the penis is indeed a man’s compass.

Corona of glans penis uncircumcised.jpg the penis at attention or should I say giving direction?


A compass and a penis are in no way similar in shape, nor appearance but certainly it seems in function.  A quick search for a definition of a compass will tell you that it is a navigational instrument that gives direction.   Therefore, most travelers (hikers, pilots, sailors) will use this instrument on a voyage.

picture of compass. (do you see any similarities?)




If you examine Delroy’s tale, he knew the journey was dangerous, yet, he repeatedly took this journey.  WHY?  The answer is simple. He was NOT thinking- with his brain that is.  He thought of his girlfriend, and the pleasure that awaited him, his penis stood to attention and he followed in the direction it ‘pointed’.   I wonder if this is what Shabba Ranks had in mind when he sang “Love Punany Bad”.

Further examination of Delroy’s tale showed that he only thought with his brain when he was faced with the reality of the danger to get home. WHY?  The answer is again quite simple.  At this point, the penis or should I say his ‘compass’, has had its satisfaction and is now impotent at giving further directions. Therefore he has no choice but to now use his brain to ensure he got home safely. This of course is unlike a real compass. A normal compass gives direction at all times unless it is malfunctioning.  Ladies, with this feature missing from the penis, could we still say it is a man’s compass?   

Men, do you think your penis is your compass?  Share your thoughts.

*The name has been changed


Dor @ the reins


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