(I dial a number on my mobile and get recording for the hundredth time “you have insufficient funds to make this call. Please top up…  frustrated hang up the phone, check my balance and there it is “your remaining balance is $200.00. I am pissed!  I then I realize that my fellow countrymen  are having similar and other problems; when calls are made, persons are not getting through and charges are constantly being deducted from their account and I could list more.)  How did this come to be?

   THE FRIDGE!!!!!! (LoL)

Do you remember this type of cellular phones?

I start here because I owned one. As a matter of fact, it was the very first cellular phone I owned. I was EXCITED! Growing up in the hills of Clarendon, I was not privilege to have a house phone much more a cellular phone. Need to get in touch with someone, had to write a letter or go to the phone boothe.  Can you imagine what the crowd was like?  LONG lines. The only fun I found in it was because I got to leave the house and could use it as an excuse for staying out a little later . (yes! Yes! Yes! I was not a perfect child.) Let me get back to the story.

At time when I had this phone in the year 2000, I had to pay a monthly bill. What was worse was that consumers were being billed per minute and had to pay to make calls and pay to receive calls. Jeez! Cable and Wireless Jamaica ( or cable and worthless as it was nicknamed)  was horrible. They robbed us blindly. Their charges were exorbitant and service was poor.  if you were not residing in the urban area then a cell phone  was certainly not for you.  People of Jamaica begged, bawl, plead…  no change. Not even the Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR) which is the regulating body could have helped until…..

DIGICEL touched the shores of Jamaica.

Hotter the battle, sweeter the victory…or is it?

Glory! The spirit of Digicel cellular phone moved across island and made it possible for all to own a cell phone and most of all, COVERAGE!!!    The 3310 cellular phones took over. There tag line was suitable, BIGGER, BETTER NETWORK.    Poor Cable and Wireless was fighting to stay afloat while Digicel continue to sail full speed ahead.

  3310. strongest Nokia.

The telecommunications market later heat up with other providers such as Centennial and then Claro.  Despite the call rates of $8.00 per minute or more than $12.00 per minute across network.  The market was good and consumers were happy. In a short span, people moved from having NO cell phones to multiple cell phones. Everyone can remember Politician Roger Clarke’s speech when he stated that Jamaicans can now have a phone in each hand and use one phone to call the other and said “hello! Hello!”  BUT….

Only salvation lasts forever.


Cable and Wireless Jamaica rebranded in 2008 with a new name  LIME.  Even then in my opinion it was not as refreshing as a glass of Jamaica lemonade made with limes from the tree.  All that changed on June 15, 2012 when LIME announced a MAJOR reduction in call rates from $8.00 to $2.99 per minute. People were in a frenzy! They flocked the LIME stores. This moved seemed to have turned up the heat on Digicel and transformed it into into DIGI-HELL. Only the Lord knows the torment that the nation is facing.  Right now their tagline should be BIGGER, BATTER NETWORK” cause God knows they are battering. I hope the spirit of the OUR , and spirit of “consumers make your business” will release us soon.

Given the current economic climate, consumers cannot afford to lose not even a dollar. Besides, poor customer service destroys business.  People are frustrated. I therefore ask one request of the mobile company and its that it rectify the challenges in short order or…… (society will fill in the blank)

Dor @ reins


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