School is Drama

The familiar scene opens with you being jolted from a deep sweet sleep by the alarm and you grumpily crawling out of bed to prepare to face the day ahead.   The moment you reach the vicinity of the education institution, the teacher or student persona takes over- you become the character.   But that is just the beginning.

Drama in discipline

In this scene, picture the expression on the face of a student when a teacher unexpectedly comes upon him/her using a cell phone! Priceless! But what is more  hilarious is watching the student with head tilted to one side like a pup who has lost one ear as he/she tries to  hide the phone in his/her collar and discreetly trying to balance it on their necks! Who the hell hides a cell phone in their collar?(dwl) Only students are so creative.  It gets better.   With the phone ‘discreetly’ hidden, you hear the voice coming through the phone “hello *Paula mi caan hear yuh. Paulaa…” and the student staring at you nervously.  Boy, oh how you want to have a good laugh at the student’s posture and expression but you the teacher MUST stay in character (stern teacher persona). But when out of their presence, you cart wheel and pupalick with laughter.

Dance off

This scene cannot be overlooked. It is always good to keep abreast with what is happening in students’ world. So despite your stern teacher disposition, there are those students who THINK it is their job to keep you up to date with the latest dance moves and music. And if you are a teacher like me, you will certainly NOT refuse.  (I always enjoy a good dance off with my ‘gyals’) .  Can you imagine your students telling you “miss you look like handicap”  yet when they are unable to do a dance move from your (teacher) childhood, they tell you “miss dem dance deh a old people dance”.  All you can do is laugh and share their excitement as it is all done in good grace. This makes your classes fun and students feel they can ‘level’ with you. (talk to you)

The disarming group

Then there is the scene where you have just had a rough class where student were just downright rude and did not complete assignments. Coupled with that, you had a running in with your supervisor/ a colleague and you are not in the mood to teach. You just want to go home but cant because you must teach the other class.  Then they come into your classroom bursting with excitement, big energy, showering you with compliments, stories from the previous class, poking fun at themselves and each other and suddenly, your day become BETTER.

this is what I am talking about!!!!!

The last Scene ends with you opening the door of your house, looking and feeling beat up and some of us heading straight for bed- right where you started the day.

The point is:

Teaching is hard!!!   So as I pause for a moment to reflect, I realize the various characters that school personnel take on each day and the various spectacle that is created and events that happen in the school environs and I say school IS drama. It lives up to what Shakespeare said about all the world’s a stage and men and women are mere actors.

*Name is fictitious

Dor @ the reins


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