Knowledge is Power

Part II (continued from dutty kaylis man)

The reality of sexual abuse of our children is a terrifying concept –but this is something that every parent MUST face because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!

The facts

1.       Unfortunately, ANY child is at risk of sexual abuse.  Hoping… denying…. pretending…. that this can’t happen to you or your child is not lowering your child’s risk of being sexually abused, and it does not prepare them to get help quickly and effectively if the worst does happen – SO WISE UP REALITY

2.   Children from as young as three years old can be taught skills that lower their vulnerability of sexual abuse and which also increase their ability to tell if something does happen. You, as the parent, play the most vital role in educating your child about their safety and about what’s right and wrong. Similarly, you have a big role to play in identifying risk factors and signs in order to aid prevention and detection of abuse

3. The stark reality of the statistics circulating in the print media is that approximately 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18 and it can affect any child regardless of age, gender, family income, culture, race, religion, physical appearance, sexuality, intellect, disability etc – TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED THEREFORE.

4.  Most sexual abuse (85%) is perpetrated by someone within the child’s social sphere – for example, a relative, a family friend, a teacher, youth worker, religious leader, neighbour – KEEP A CONSTANT EYE ON YOUR CHILDREN NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE WITH.

5.  Despite the stereotypical image of the abuser propagated by the media, abusers usually do not look like monsters and it is relatively rare for them to be strangers – SO DON’T STEORTYPE .

The majority of children never report the abuse, and often this is because they are afraid of their parents’ reactions, because they fear getting in trouble, or because they don’t know how to tell. The child who keeps the abuse secret is more likely to experience severe physical and emotional consequences, both in childhood and later in life.

Red Flags


  • Refuse children privacy or invade their privacy.
  • Insist on physical affection even when the child looks uncomfortable.
  • Insist on “special time” alone from other adults and children
  • Spend a lot of time with children instead of adults.
  • Buy children expensive gifts for no apparent reason.
  •  Appear to put a lot of effort into getting close to children.
  •  Have had previous allegations against them before.
  •  Make you feel uneasy…..even if you can’t put your finger on why.
  • Your child or other children seem afraid of.
  • Your child or other children do not want to be alone with.

And if you have all done all the above and  you still happen to catch a predator in the act and you are sure of what he was doing Call the police!!!!  Act swiftly so speedy justice will be carried out.

In your hearts daily, listen to the plea projected through the voice of a child:
“Dear Mr. Jesus, I just had to write to you
Something really scared me, when I saw it on the news
A story ’bout a little girl beaten black and blue
Jesus, thought I’d take this right to you
Please don’t let them hurt your children
They need love and shelter from the storm
Please don’t let them hurt your children
Won’t you keep us safe and warm”

Ray @ the reins


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