Dutty Kaylis Man (DKM) Why you never go rape you hand??

Part I

Dutty Kaylis Man (DKM) Why you never go rape you hand??

I was traumatized, flabbergasted, sick to the stomach, annoyed and very ANGRY to learn that several DKM entered the home of five women in western Jamaica and raped them!!!!

My God in heaven, only you know why these DKM take on to their not so clean self the “right” to violate people like this (and I have to say people because NO AGE or SEX is spared)  THIS unwelcome truth is so hard to digest!

What is worst is that these imbeciles are now raping 8 year old girls (children)! What in the world could a man see on an 8 year old pickney??? I would like to know WHAT could possess them. Such men are sick, heartless evil things who have signed a pack with the devil or he  has seven “debil” tan up inna him!!! – I beseech us, please, stop referring to them as dogs or any form of animal in general because such comparisons are grossly unfair to our animals!!!  Have you not seen how dogs protect children?  These unknown species do not deserve such honour.

We must protect our children but we cannot do it alone – we need Christ to help us flush out these DKM from our society and we need people who are willing to share there ideas on how we can minimize these occurrences.

Disable the Myths

Once upon a time, there was a belief held by many that rapist and child offenders were homosexuals because these savage acts against women are the surest ways to demonstrate a hatred for women! And that men who can destroy the lives of our children in such brutal ways are in start contrast to nature. What!!!!! Stark contrast to nature yes, as they refuse to naturally be protectors but homosexuals? MOST RIDICULOUS!!! Women and children of both sexes are being violated so how did one make that conclusion? Besides, who said that homosexuals hate women? Hmmmmmm!!!

Once upon a time, people’s reaction to things of this nature would be “this could’t happen to my child”.  But given the current environment, is there anyone that is still singing this sankey (song)?

“Him look like a rapistt!”  Do sex offenders really have a particular look! Naaaaa.

Let us stop hiding behind carefully crafted myths! and once we have established that, we may look at some preventative strategies against child abuse. (see Part II “Knowledge is power”)

Remember children are our future. Let us do what Jimmy Cliff said: “treat the youths right”

Tune in to Part II

Ray @ the reins


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