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IMF (I Must Flee) to save Jamaica

IMF (I Must Flee) to save Jamaica

I MUST Flee… Jamaica…” This is cry of many as they face the hardship of the current economy. Many years ago when Josey Wales sang “sweet sweet Jamaica…naa lef ya” he didn’t foresee this economic suffocation of our beloved (Jamaica land we love); A crime riddled environment where not even our kids are safe.

IMF Deal!

Many are not happy with the government’s decision to return to the IMF. But what is all the fuss about? Are we forgetting that the IMF has been ‘up in jamaica’s kool aid’ (involved in the life of jamaica) for years and has lived through the flip flop of our political parties? Kmt. This is nothing new.

With each ‘crisis’ the country faces, the IMF syndrome becomes an epidemic. No one is spared as this epidemic sets its roots and spreads to the deepest crevasses of the country affecting man, woman, boy, girl and even the unborn.

Let’s simply do a check of its sojourn.

1) Years ago  when fear griped the hearts of those who thought that then Prime Minister the late Michael Manley was going to pursue the communism order for Jamaica, “the devil drop off him chair and all hell bruk loose”. MANY persons sold their lands, houses, “drew out every last red cent” from local bank accounts and did the IMF dash. It did not take them a year to get it done. While some decided I must flee, others gleefully sang Josey Wales’ sweet sweet Jamaica naa lef ya” because they got everything CHEAP! Yup! You see the irony! Yes I know it funny because as I am writing I am laughing, and wishing I could do a back flip and a hand stand. We all know how people love cheapness so imagine the excitement.

2) Political representatives plan their lives with IMF deal as a back-up. Who can vividly recall after the 2007 election when the JLP emerged after 18 years from the wilderness, some political representatives were not satisfied with the results and immediately resort to their back-up, plan-IMF deal. Effortlessly so.

3) Not too long ago several teachers could no longer handle the pressure of the system and so they decided “I must flee! Hell! It didn’t take them forever to make this IMF deal and there was no government to negotiate with. All the government did was complain about the intellectual brain drain.

(A thought-But when we take these IMF deals, how do we save Jamaica? But can you blame these people who have a family to feed and lives to live? If they don’t save themselves then there will be no Jamaica!!! )


The political parties have been fiercely clawing at each others throats accusing the other for being the reason no IMF deal has been reached YET. How will clawing at each others throat help to secure the deal? Are they Blind as Bartimeous? Can they not see that ordinary Jamaicans have effortlessly accomplished over and over what the technocrats failed to do for the past year. They are adamant that an IMF deal is what is needed to save the economy but are they really serious! Can’t they see what happen when persons decide I Must Flee Jamaica? When our intellectual capacity and skills base takes the IMF deal our already limited capacity and capability reduces.

IMF strategies

Let’s us look at the strategies used by both and see how best practices can be ascertained. The public use banana boats, canoes, airplanes etc… The government representatives’ sit in air conditioned rooms around big brown polished oak tables sipping coffee-sometimes at a FIVE STAR HOTEL!. Hmmm.  Who has a greater need to ensure they reach an IMF deal with alacrity? Who is feeling more discomfort? Or better yet, who has more to lose? I would like to think that NO ONE likes discomfort but EVERYONE likes luxury! So upon assessment of the two approaches…..gotcha! You finish the thought my dear readers.          VS                               Banana Boat: unloading in New orleans 1903 (Shorpy Historical photo archive

Terms and conditions of IMF deal

The “I Must Flee” to save Jamaica is not class bias. Neither are there many options of terms and conditions available thus eliminating lengthy negotiation processes.  But whether individuals will take the deal on green card terms and conditions, run off conditions or contract worker, the deal is reached

So I ask my politicians, what’s holding up your process?  The IMF deals will not stop once this economic suffocation continues. Deep in people’s heart they agree with Tony Rebel that “sweet Jamaica naa lef ya” but when reality strikes they “are leaving on the next plane out”. The IMF deal. I must Flee to save Jamaica. Even the rasta on the corner will tell you “I and I must flee to save Jamaica.”

Based on future projections, it is clear that Jamaica WILL have an IMF deal- either from the government or its citizens- in short order. I suggest for the benefit of our Beloved (Jamaica land we love) that the government gets one BEFORE the citizens.

Dor @ the reins


Don’t Talk About it…BE About it!

Don’t talk about it…be about it!

Finally! We started this blog!

Rayon and I, like most friends met in college and again like most college friends, are blown away by the wind to different corners of the earth. But thanks to fassbook (facebook) like most friends, re-connected.

(Diversion- who would have thought 15-20 yrs ago that people would be able to communicate with each other without having to go to the post office with letters and wait a week before the other party receives it! Communication was like… once a month! Yikes! THANK YOU TECHNOLOGY!)

Now where was I…ok, yea… fassbook.  Here we fass in people’s business; pretend we have the best business and tell people our business. Some talk about ANY and EVERYTHING!

Rayon likes to write posts that are very… ahm…controversial…quite thought provoking.  These spark vibrant debates from his facebook friends and of course, your truly (Dorraine) is always in the mix attempting to keep my arguments potent.

In the middle of one of these debates the grand idea “hey! Let’s start a website/blog or supm”  came to the fore.  That way we can engage other persons in our discussions instead of just our friends on our ‘private’ facebook page. (bbm rolling of eyes)

I fell in love with blogs while writing my master’s thesis. I would find articles that when I read over…and over…and over….and over… hell! Not a word I would understand. But lo and behold…blogs became the prince that rescued the damsel in distress through its simplicity expressed through the views of others. Though I love them for that reason I was still hesitant because I wondered if I had the discipline or “stick-to-it-tive-ness” but how will I know if I don’t try?

Rayon and I had the idea but didn’t act upon it. Both of us were not sure how the other would respond.  (You know when you haven’t seen or spoken to someone in years, you don’t know the level of change that has happened- Really Dorraine and Rayon. Kmt)

Don’t talk about it…BE about it!

The point is, the human mind is very good at conceiving ideas. But only talking about them will leave them just as those…ideas.  Find the will and power to do what you must to make the ideas become alive… worst case scenario, they may not work but you get up, “brush yourself off and try again”; best case, it works and you will “feel on top of the world”. So the point is, don’t just talk about it…BE about it.

As educators of change, Rayon and I decided to BE ABOUT IT and yeppieeee! It has happened. We intend to engage your mind, body and soul with our stimulating blogs (oh nooo.  This engagement and stimulation nothing like what my friend Lecia gaye describes in her blog “justgothitchednowwhat” about “releasing you inner sketel”  Go read it!)

In order to find out what we have to offer…saddle up, enjoy the journey with… Dorraine and Rayon at the reins…

Giddiup…hee haaaaa!